South African Cultural Observatory National Conference
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Registration Closed.

Please note the fields marked with a * are mandatory and the name and organisation you fill out will appear on your name tag. One complete registration per person is required.

All delegates who complete registrations via the SACO website will receive accreditation on the first day of registration. Delegates are kindly asked to keep this on your person at all times while present at the conference to allow our security team to identify you. No person will be allowed into the conference venue without accreditation, for security reasons. Please note that delegates will be required to complete the attendance register on both days of the conference. In order to ensure a safe environment for all our delegates, SACO prohibits the wearing, transporting, storage, or presence of firearms or other dangerous weapons in our conference facility or on the premises, including anywhere that conference business is conducted, such as restaurants, company event venues, and so forth. Any person in possession of a firearm or other weapon while present at the conference will be required to remove the weapon from their person and hand it to our security staff where it will be placed into safekeeping. A delegate who violates this policy may be removed from the property and reported to police authorities.


The refund policy is as follows: By 23rd January 2018, a 50% refund will be issued, between 24th and 31st of January 2018, a 25% refund will be issued, from the 1st of February 2018, no refund is available. Fees will not be refunded for registered participants who do not attend and have not given notice in writing to the South African Cultural Observatory by the cancellation deadline.

While it is unlikely, the South African Cultural Observatory (SACO) may cancel or postpone this conference due to unforeseen circumstances. If the conference is cancelled or postponed, registration fees will be refunded, but SACO cannot be held responsible for other costs, charges or expenses including cancellation/change charges assessed by airlines or travel agencies. Registration fees will not be cancelled and refunds will not be issued if the conference is held but the participant is unable to attend due to travel delays or cancellations caused by inclement weather, or due to other extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the South African Cultural Observatory.