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Read Our Latest Report

Explore the Economic Mapping of the Cultural and Creative Industries in South Africa 2022 Capstone Report

The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) in South Africa contribute to economic growth, employment, and international trade. The CCIs have potential for employment creation, skills development, social cohesion, and supporting the tourism industry. The “CCI Mapping Study 2022” provides updated information on the contribution of the CCIs to the South African economy.

The study is impacted by changes in the structure of the economy and the COVID-19 pandemic. The study analyses the GDP, employment, and international trade of the CCIs. South Africa has a trade surplus in Cultural and Natural Heritage trade and Visual Arts and Crafts. The study also examines cultural occupations and the impact of the pandemic on the CCIs. The Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal have significant shares of cultural occupations. South Africa's trade policy and agreements support the development of the CCIs.

The CCIs contribute approximately 3% of South Africa's total economic production. Design and Creative Services occupations have increased their share of cultural occupations. Women in cultural occupations were less affected by the pandemic compared to men. The study aims to provide reliable and internationally comparable statistics on the CCIs. Visual Arts and Crafts, Books and Press, and Performance and Celebration are the most significant domains for South Africa's cultural goods trade.


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