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Indigenous Knowledge as Content for the Cultural and Creative Industries

Upload date: 10.06.21
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Indigenous Knowledge as Content for the Cultural and Creative Industries Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) constitute a major feature of contemporary world economies. Many governments have developed policies and legislation around CCIs. On one hand, the rationale has been to maximise economic gains from the CCIs whose contributions constitute significant portions of national GDPs and employment sectors. On the other hand, there is an endeavour to protect Intellectual Property (IP) rights as the knowledge economy places value on information, individual talent and skills in ways that benefit individuals and countries economically. However, IP laws have encountered challenges particularly in respect to the use and commercialisation of Indigenous Knowledge (IK), including in the CCI. However, what exactly do we mean by Indigenous Knowledge (IK)? All indigenous communities have a cultural heritage based on their history, gives meaning to their lives and defines their humanity. This cultural heritage consists of tangible, immovable, underwater and intangibl
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National Arts Festival Back in Face-to-Face mode National Arts Festival Back in Face-to-Face mode

As you read this the final cultural shows of National Arts Festival are possibly on stage in Makhanda. The National Arts Festival came back in a face-to-face format for the first time in two years.

ABSA opens new art gallery ABSA opens new art gallery

Absa has opened a new art gallery in the piazza of Towers Main in Johannesburg central business district as of May 2022. The Absa Art Gallery officially opened its doors with the first exhibition titled Voices: Past and Present.

James Ngcobo joins Joburg City Theatres James Ngcobo joins Joburg City Theatres

The award-winning actor and director James Ngcobo has joined Joburg City Theatres (JCT) as an artistic director. Ngcobo who was with the Market Theatre Foundation for nine years joins the JCT as of July 1 and will be responsible for developing and implementing an artistic vision for organisation’s 10 spaces.

Report Highlights Report Highlights

In this edition we highlight key findings from our recent reports. The reports are: a chapter from the Mapping Study that gives the provincial profile of the cultural and creative industry and the South African’s Animation Industry: Ecosystem Analysis.

Executive Direction - June 2022 Executive Direction - June 2022

I am hopeful that as you read this edition of The Cultural Observer you are warm as this winter has been very chilly, with temperatures plummeting to close to zero degrees in some parts of the country.

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