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Economics of art and culture, The Books - Nonfiction Economic Heilbrun, James; Gray, Charles M HEI ECO
Tax incentives for the creative industries Books - Nonfiction Economic Hemels, Sigrid; Kazuko, Goto HEM ECO
Kinship of bones, A Books - Nonfiction Culture Henderson, Patricia C. HEN CUL
Cross, the sword and mammon, The Books - Nonfiction Arts Henning, Mark HEN ART
Conversations Book Private Copy Herber, Avril HER HER P/C
Cultural industries, The Books - Nonfiction Economic Hesmondhalgh, David HES ECO
Kalahari dreaming Anthology Heritage Hilton-Barber, David HIL HER
Down the line Photography Documentary Heritage Hirson, Gary HIR HER
Printmaking in a transforming South Africa Books - Nonfiction Arts Hobbs, Philippa; Rankin Elizabeth HOB ART
Listening to distant thunder Reference Reference Hobbs, Philippa; Rankin Elizabeth HOB REF
Dinner with Mugabe Biography Culture Holland, Heidi HOL CUL
Art of the deal Books - Nonfiction Arts Horowitz, Noah HOR ART
Woorde sonder wysies Catalogue Arts Hougaard, Karin HOU ART
History of the First World War in 100 objects, A Books - Nonfiction Culture Hughes-Wilson, John HUG CUL
Feeding guide Reference Reference Hutjens, Mike HUT REF
Beyond price Books - Nonfiction Economic Hutter, Michael; Throsby, David HUT ECO
Churchill Biography Culture Jackson, Ashley JAC CUL
Confessions of a gambler Books-Fiction Arts Jacobs, Rayda JAC ART
Mother tinctures Books - Nonfiction Culture Jain, Vinay JAI CUL
Oxford Spanish Dictionary, The Reference Reference Jarman, Beatriz Galimberti; Russell, Roy; Carvajal, Carol Styles; Horwood, Jane DIC REF
Respect for art Books - Nonfiction Arts Jeffri, Joan; Ding, Yu JEF ART
Feast, famine and potluck Books-Fiction Arts Jennings, Karen JEN ART
State, The Books - Nonfiction Economic Jessop, Bob JES ECO
Mocambique, 40 anos de independenia Diary Joao, Angelica; Chongo, Edith JOA INT MOZ
Freemasons, The Books - Nonfiction Arts Johnstone, Michael JOH ART
Oxford handbook of creative industries, The Books - Nonfiction Economic Jones, Candace; Lorenzen, Mark; Sapsed, Jonathan JON ECO
If this be treason Books - Nonfiction Culture Joseph, Helen JOS CUL
Hungry season, The Books - Nonfiction Economic Joubert, Leonie; Miller, Eric JOU ECO
Rise of the phoenix, The Books - Nonfiction Culture Joyce, Peter JOY CUL
Broad-based black economic empowerment act and related material Reference Juta's statutes editors JUT REF (2015)
Consumer protection act and rules and regulations Reference Juta's statutes editors JUT REF (2014)
Capacity building for local economic development Thesis Thesis Kamara, Richard Douglas KAM THE
Nothing but the truth Play Arts Kani, John KAN ART
Armed & dangerous Autobiography Culture Kasrils, Ronnie KAS CUL
Experimental drawing Reference Reference Kaupelis, Robert KAU REF
African cultural heritage conservation and management Books - Nonfiction Heritage Keitumetse, Susan Osireditse KEI HER
Fynbos far and wide Reference Reference Kelly-Crowe, Jane; Malcomess, Sue KEL REF
Beautiful fools Anthology Arts Khoza, Ernest KHO ART
Zulu boy gone crazy Anthology Arts Khumalo, Fred KHU ART
L'Afrique Books - Nonfiction Arts Knight, Natalie KNI ART
Seks & drugs & boeremusiek Memoir Arts Kombuis, Koos KOM ART
Legacy of perseverance, A Books - Nonfiction Economic Kondlo, Kwandiwe KON ECO
Hospitality accounting Books - Nonfiction Economic Kotas, Richard; Conlan, Michael KOT ECO
Up and out of poverty Books - Nonfiction Economic Kotler Philip; Lee, Nancy R. KOT ECO
Begging to be black Books - Nonfiction Culture Krog, Antjie KRO CUL
Soho Square V Books-Fiction Arts Kromberg, Steve; Ogude, James KRO ART
Warrior women of Islam, The Popular Epic Culture Kruk, Remke KRU CUL
Zulu warriors Books - Nonfiction Culture Laband, John LAB CUL
Long view, The Books - Nonfiction Arts Landman, J P LAN ART
Creative city, The Books - Nonfiction Economic Landry, Charles LAN ECO
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