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Dr. Sipho Sithole

Dr.Sipho Sithole holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology (Wits University), Bachelor of Science in Political Science and International Relations (Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, USA,) Master of Science in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management (London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London).

Dr.Sipho Sithole’s experience cuts across from being a gardener at the age of 12 to occupying executive positions in aviation, telecommunications, broadcasting, sports administration, arts, culture and entertainment, transport and to occupying directorship positions in financial services, public transport and cultural industries.

Dr.Sipho Sithole is an ardent speaker at international conferences on music and culture as well as on public management and development. He is has delivered papers on wide range of topics such as on ‘multi-nationals and the scramble for human resources’, ‘re-imagining new possibilities in the post-colonial’, the economic value of African music’, ‘music markets and the creative economy’, as well as on ‘when a great vision becomes a mission’.

The founder and owner of Native Rhythms (an integrated entertainment company in the field of music), Dr.Sipho Sithole has recently started a new property - the Afrocentric Agency – a company that will create platforms for Pan-African dialogues on the most discomforting topics on post-coloniality, whilst representing the best creatives in performing arts, public speaking and film.


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Unpublished/Work-in Progress Manuscripts

  1. Book: “Lest I Forget: Through the Eyes of a Township Child” (A Semi-Auto Biography) – never published
  2. Theatre: “Kuse Mpondo Zankomo (Meet Me at the Break of Dawn)” – never staged
  3. Book: “Romanticizing Poverty: A Tragedy for the Black Race” – still in writing stage
  4. Book: “Saggy Pants and Backpacks: Voices from the Margins” – final draft stage
  5. Book: “Below the Radar: The Invisible Second Economy of Kwa Mai Mai” – still in writing stage


Dr. Sipho Sithole