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There is growing international interest in the potential of the cultural and creative industries to drive sustainable development and create inclusive job opportunities. An indication of this is a recent set of UNESCO guidelines on how to measure and compile statistics about the economic contribution of the cultural industries.

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DIRECT FROM THE MINISTER'S DESK: “The only hope is in the creation of alternative values, alternative realities. The only hope is in daring to redream one's place in the world - a beautiful act of imagination, and a sustained act of self becoming. Which is to say that in some way or another we breach and confound the accepted frontiers of things.”

Open Source: Latest research for download February 2016 Open Source: Latest research for download February 2016

A new study published by EY in collaboration with the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), titled, “Cultural Times – The First Global Map of Cultural and Creative Industries” analysed 11 Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) sectors: advertising, architecture, books, gaming, movies, music; has for the first time quantified the global economic and social contribution of this important sector.


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